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1st Quarter Art Update with Ms. M

Used paint brushes

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash



To our returning AVE families I’m happy to be back and excited for year two with your student(s). To our new AVE families I can’t wait to get to know each other! As a general reminder/introduction at Animas Valley Elementary we practice Teaching Artistic Behaviors (TAB) in our art room. TAB is a choice-based approach to teaching art. Through this methodology students are taught how to use a variety of art supplies, introduced to a number of planning processes, and taught the importance of reflection to grow as an artist. “Process, not product” is our motto for creativity. By using TAB in our art room students have more personal buy-in and they are willing and excited to spend time adding detail, revising, and reflecting.


Artwork on display at main office



Wednesday: Kinder/First

Thursday: Fifth/Second

Friday: Fourth/Third

We do have paint shirts and aprons in our art room for students to protect their clothes. However, similar to wearing sneakers on PE day, please consider not sending students to school in their favorite shirt on art day. 

If paint does get on your student’s clothes the best approach is to soak and then wash. Most of our paint is washable and will not cause too much damage.


The following items are items we would greatly appreciate in the art room:

  1. Noise cancelling headphones. We have one pair but I have a couple classes with more than one student who would benefit from these.

  1. Sharpies

  1. Ticonderoga pencils

  1. Handheld pencil sharpeners 

  1. Tissues

  1. Hand sanitizer

We are not in need of any recycled art materials just yet.


You are invited to our 2nd Annual Winter Art Show!!

When: Thursday, December 5th : 5:30 - 6:00

Where: Animas Valley Elementary

All families are invited to join us before the Winter Celebration for our 2nd annual art show. Every single student will have a piece of artwork hung in this show! The goal of this art show is to celebrate the work we’ve done in the first semester of art. After walking through our art show head into the cafeteria for a 4th and 2nd grade performance!
letter K for Kinder & 1 for 1st grade

A dot becomes a line when it goes for a walk. A line becomes a shape when it connects. 

In our first quarter together we have completed our lines and shapes unit. During this unit we discover that EVERYTHING is made of shapes and lines. And if we know how to draw shapes then we can draw ANYTHING! While learning about lines and shapes we have also been learning about art room basics and procedures. We now know how to use drawing supplies, scissors, water colors, and we’ve even been practicing our collage skills.

What’s in store next quarter? ...  COLOR!!
1st graders exploring color
2 for 2nd grade

This year 2nd grade is getting more choice in the classroom! Last year as first graders they showed me they were ready for the responsibility so we hit the ground running this year! So far this year we have opened the drawing center, watercolor center, and tempera paint center. In each of those centers we have learned different techniques to use with our supplies and how to take care of each center. 

Now that students have a baseline understanding of how to use the supplies they are starting their first project. The goal is for our project to take three classes. We are working on planning, patience, and perseverance with our work.

Up next we will be begin our My Favorite Memory Project. This is our first formal project in 2nd grade with a planning and reflecting process. I can’t wait to get started on this in the next month.

3 for third grade

This is the first year this group of students will have 100% choice in the art room. Before we get to the planning, creating, and reflecting we have to practice skills, build our toolbox, and develop classroom norms. Our motto in third grade is to go sloooooow so we can go fast as we progress through the next couple years together. 

In our first few months we have opened the drawing center, tempera paint center, and water color center. In each of these centers we have practiced different techniques to use those supplies and we have been really focused on texture. Now that students have schema on some our art room staples they are starting their first project! These project will be done for the Winter Art Show. We hope you can come take a look!

4 for 4th grade

To start our 4th grade school year we spent the first month revisiting the centers we mastered last year: Drawing, Tempera, Collage, and Watercolor. Every student made a one-day project for each center. After a couple rotations students started remembering habits from last year and combining centers. 

As we prepared for our Colorado Wax Museum murals students worked in large groups to practice collaborative art and how to work BIG. By doing this we set ourselves up for success with the wax museum murals. I hope you were all able to see the 4th graders hard work!

Up next we will start our first wow project and students will be able to choose between the four centers we practiced at the beginning of the year.

Student artwork

5 for 5th grade

5th grade has hit the ground running this year! We started our year re-exploring the centers we mastered last year: Drawing, Watercolor, Tempera, and Collage. After re-familiarizing ourselves with these centers we jumped right into our first project for the year. Students brainstormed, planned, and outlined their projects over two class periods. Then they spent another three classes adding paint and details. These projects will be on display during our Winter Art Show. We hope to see you there!

Up next we will start exploring printmaking, encaustic (wax melting), and weaving. Once these three centers are open students will start another WOW project.

4th Grade Museum Poster