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Husky Regulation Station

This is a SAFE, WELCOMING place for our students to go to when they are angry, sad, frustrated, over-excited or when they just may need a break or a reset. It is also a place where they can come to celebrate something awesome that has happened in their lives or a goal they have accomplished. Our goal is to support kids with tools before whatever issue they are confronting becomes a behavior that results in discipline. We want all experiences to be positive, learning opportunities instead, supported by their school family.

Step One: They can be teacher referred or self-referred or both. (Refer to the document below.)
Step Two: They choose a centering and calming strategy such as Husky Howl Breathing or Brain Gym to begin the process.
Step Three: They notice and name how they are feeling. If they choose to talk about why they are feeling the way they are, that’s an option.
Step Four: They choose a self-regulation strategy such as journaling, doing art, working with Kinetic Sand, doing yoga or taking a rest in the calming tent.
Step Five: They name and notice 2 AWESOME things that they appreciate about themselves.
Step Six: They are congratulated for their effort on regulating their day and choosing a positive, healthy choice.
Step Seven: They rejoin class ready to learn.