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2nd Quarter Update from Ms. Barb

"Children never, ever CHOOSE the meltdown, or any anxiety related behaviour, in the same way that YOU would never, ever choose to have a meltdown in front of your family, colleagues, or friends!  A meltdown is not a choice, its a byproduct of a brain that isn't coping with something.  And that brain needs to be showered with love, compassion, and safety.  Not punishment, fear, or shame."  - Allison Davies
Counselor Corner for February
Hi Families! Happy February! With Valentine’s approaching, in the spirit of LOVE, I thought that I would share with you that we are diving deep into learning about and implementing restorative practices at AVE. In January, JoAnne Hibbard and I provided a training to our staff that focused on teaching restorative practices and identifying much of what we already do that is restorative, as well as purposefully building a comprehensive, whole-school approach to incorporating various restorative practices throughout the school. Research indicates strongly that Restorative Practices create safe schools where all members of the community are responsible for their actions, resolve conflicts, create positive relationships and repair any harm done to the community and its members. These practices are linked to contributing to building a caring school community that supports students, staff and administrators in feeling connected and respected, which enhances learning outcomes. We will continue our journey into restorative practices at one of our PLCs in February.
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