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2nd Quarter Update with Mrs. Layman

School Family News


 We are family
I got all my huskies with me
We are family
Get up ev'rybody and sing

Explore It!
Flexible Seating

For the month of January, our students will have the opportunity to sit where they would like in the lunchroom. By providing students with flexible seating, it allows them to continue to build relationships with peers in other classes and their buddy grade level.
Build It!
Ways to Disengage Stress
As a school, we are learning different breathing techniques.
Balloon Breath: interlace fingers at the crown of your head. Take small sips of air to “fill your balloon” then exhale through puckered lips.

The optimal state for learning is relaxed alertness.
Own It! Share It!
Together we are creating P.A.W.S videos!
These videos highlight what each element of our P.A.W.S represents and looks like in action.

Click here to watch our P.A.W.S videos for practicing respect and activating independent thinking.
We are in the process of filming our working cooperatively video!
                                              POSITIVE BEHAVIORS, INTERVENTIONS, AND SUPPORTS (PBIS)

Our PBIS team has been focusing on our common spaces such as the playground, lunchroom, hallways, and bathrooms.
Explore It: We collected feedback from our students around these common spaces.
Build It: As a staff, we prioritized our common areas and began taking a closer look at systems and structures we currently have in place and how we utilize them to support our students and staff.
One of our goals is to create a positive school climate that supports all children and staff.