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3rd Quarter Update with Mrs. Layman

School Family News


 We are family
I got all my huskies with me
We are family
Get up ev'rybody and sing

Explore It!

As a school family, we are growing smarter about self-awareness to support recognizing our emotions. As we become more aware of how we are feeling we are able to build strategies that help us with emotional control.
Ours students will be learning about how our brain and emotions are connected. We will also be exploring how to recognize different emotions and tools we can use to support emotional control.
Build It!

Ways to Disengage Stress

Throughout the year, we have been learning different breathing techniques.
Drain Breath: Squeeze all the muscles in your body. Then inhale a large breath while squeezing your muscles. Exhale and release your muscles. Relax!
The optimal state for learning is relaxed alertness.
Click here for all our breath visuals!
Own It! Share It!


Together we are creating P.A.W.S videos!
These videos highlight what each element of our P.A.W.S represents and looks like in action.
stuffed husky dog with flowers
Our third through fifth grade students are currently taking our state assessments.

These assessments are designed to help identify where students are excelling and where they may need additional instruction to meet grade level expectations. AVE is committed to ensuring that our students feel confident to tackle each content area, as well as prepare them to navigate these computer-based assessments. It is a great opportunity for our students to show what they know!
Ways to support at home:
• Encourage a good night sleep.
• Starting the day with a healthy breakfast.
• Try to avoid scheduling appointments during testing sessions.
• Please send your student with some snacks and a TON of positive encouragement!

One of our goals is to create a positive school climate that supports all children and staff.

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