District announces Snow Day Make-Up plan

School district announces Snow Day make-up plan

March 2, 2023, Durango, Colo. – Due to the number of Snow Day school closures this winter, Durango School District 9-R has announced a plan to make up school days in the remainder of the 2022/23 school year. The Colorado Department of Education requires 1,056 Instructional Hours minimum in each year. 

A survey was delivered to all staff and families on Feb. 21 via email and was open through March 1. Recipients were able to rate their preference of several different options to make up the hours. 1,498 families and 712 staff members completed the survey. 

During the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education on Feb. 28, the board reviewed the results and approved that the district could move ahead with the following decisions for Snow Day Make-up: 

  • April 24, 2023, will be a regular school day instead of a Professional Development Day.

  • Monday Early Release is canceled beginning April 10, 2023, through the end of the school year. The remaining Mondays of the school year will be regular school days.

  • If there is a seventh Snow Day, 8 minutes will be added to the end of each remaining school day.

  • If we have an eighth Snow Day, then May 26, 2023, will be a regular school day.

  • If we have an 8th Snow Day and beyond, days will be added onto the end of the calendar.

  • For next year in order to plan ahead for more Snow Days, the 2023/24 calendar will include five Snow Day make-up days added at the end of the calendar to use if needed. Staff and families should be aware that school may extend into these days and plan vacations or personal time accordingly. The current calendar has 169 days; the new calendar will have 174 days.

“Winter weather affected everyone in our community over the past few months,” said Superintendent Dr. Karen Cheser. “We appreciate everyone’s patience and adaptability after many school events were canceled or rescheduled, and buses were delayed as drivers took extra time to drive slowly.”

Decisions around Snow Days are made using a comprehensive strategy. Here are some resources to understand the district’s decision-making process:

  • Snow Day Timeline: This infographic explains when and how the decision is made.
  • Snow Day FAQs: This document answers common questions about the process.