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Group photo of Green Team

Green Team Spring 2019

Teacher giving a high five.
Student in Class
5th Grade Student Congress
Animas Valley in the Fall.
Image of hot air balloons taking off from the field at Animas Valley Elementary

Principal's Message

Mrs. Brammer's 3rd Quarter Update

“Change” is in the air as the days are beginning to become warmer and the trees are starting to bud. Our students’ are full excitement and anticipation of the fast approaching summer break, while teachers are savoring the remaining weeks with this amazing group of students. The final weeks of school will be full of innovative, educational learning engagements.
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Principal's Message

Mrs. Layman's 3rd Quarter Update

As a school family, we are growing smarter about self-awareness to support recognizing our emotions. As we become more aware of how we are feeling we are able to build strategies that help us with emotional control. Ours students will be learning about how our brain and emotions are connected. We will also be exploring how to recognize different emotions and tools we can use to support emotional control.
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News & Announcements

Durango 9-R Food Services - Building New Partnerships to Deepen Community Connections

Durango School District 9-R Food Services stays true to their core value of creating a healthy food environment to support student achievement through local food partnerships. In addition to a robust farm to school program that supports local beef and agriculture, the school district works with local small businesses to provide products to students that help support healthy habits for students eating at school. Although there are multiple partners, this article will highlight just three businesses that are contributing to the community through our 2019-2020 food programming in schools.
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News & Announcements

Community School Safety Forums

Durango School District 9-R is hosting two Community School Safety Forums during the month of October, which is also School Safety Month. This is a great time to review safety measures to date, learn more about our trainings and vision for school safety, learn about next steps and share your feedback.
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News & Announcements

Leadership 9-R

Ever wonder about what’s in school lunch today? How about how we manage to transport students 500k miles each year on our buses? Maybe you have wondered just what in the world we do with the money!?
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Our vision is to guide learners as we develop  the tools and mindsets to continually seek and understand the world and ourselves. Learners will demonstrate confidence, compassion and value diversity. Everyone will leave our school with the ability to apply, transfer and reflect on concepts because we are motivated to ask questions and discover solutions.

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Check out our 4th graders dancing and singing.
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