Title 1

Title I Notification

Animas Valley is dedicated to making sure all of our children succeed in school and in life. We’re proud of the programs we offer at Animas Valley that help students learn and ultimately be successful.

However, the way our school and student achievement is measured and reported will be different under the federal law known as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), formerly known as, No Child Left Behind (NCLB). It’s important for you to understand how this law affects your child’s school and our students.

ESSA, signed into law by President Obama in December 2015, requires states to set challenging standards in math, reading or language arts, and science that are aligned with higher education and Career and Technical Education (CTE) expectations. ESSA requires alternate achievement standards for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities as well as standards for English-language proficiency.

Animas Valley receives funds from Title I, which is a federal program that provides resources to schools that have high free lunch numbers. ESSA focuses on schools, like ours, that receive Title I funding.

Parental Rights

Under ESSA, every school receiving Title I money is required to notify parents of their rights:
● to know the qualifications of your child’s teacher and will be notified if the teacher does not meet applicable licensure requirements;
● to know when your child has a substitute teacher for more than four weeks as well as the qualifications of the substitute teacher;
● to know how the school is rated by Colorado Department of Education, based on state standardized test scores;
● to understand Common Core State Standards as measures by state assessments and your child’s test scores;
● to expect regular communication with your school in a language you can understand;
● to work with other families and teachers to develop a school-level family agreement between school and families;
● to help plan how money for family engagement should be spent;
● to work with other families, teachers, and the principal in developing a Unified Improvement Plan;
● to request a meeting with your child’s teacher or the principal;
● to volunteer at the school, within school and district policy;
● to join your school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and school Accountability Committee to learn more about your school;

We need your help to make sure all children are successful in school and in life. By working together as a community, we’ll overcome our challenges and build the bright future our children deserve. If you’d like to get involved, please call me at 970-247-0124.

Thank you,

Michol Brammer