Back-to-School Countdown: Family Engagement


 Here are 10 ideas:  

  1.  Attend School Board meetings and community outreach events.
  2. Read the news and calendar at
  3. Subscribe to Community Update weekly e-newsletter.
  4. Like our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.
  5. Join the parent-teacher organization at your school.
  6. Offer to mentor a student intern in your business.
  7. Volunteer to pitch in a t a school project or event.
  8. Help with fundraising, and share your skills.
  9. Become a substitute teacher, bus driver, or custodian.
  10. Speak about your career or let students shadow you.
Be sure to check our website as a trusted news source. Stories will often appear on our website before the news hits the newspaper.
Coming this fall: Watch this newsletter for details on our website redesign. We're excited to show off improvements to our navigation, accessibility, storytelling, and resources.
Infinite Campus: Now is a good time for families to update their contact info in Infinite Campus through the Parent Portal, as we use that info to communicate during emergencies and Snow Days.
Wow, that's a lot of information to throw at you! Now it's your turn. We value two-way communication. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion about your school, please email your school's principal. If your question involves all the schools within the district, email us at [email protected]g.