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1st Quarter Update with Mrs. Layman

School Family News- November 2019

Alison Layman

Assistant Principal


 We are family
I got all my huskies with me
We are family
Get up ev'rybody and sing

Common Language:

Husky Breaths- Our husky breaths are a part of our culture here at Animas Valley!  These breaths are used to help disengage stress and support us in making healthy decisions.  As a school we have reviewed the Balloon Breath, S.T.A.R breath, and just introduced the Drain breath at our Monday Morning Meeting.  All of our Husky Breath visuals can be found on our web site under For Families à Husky Breaths or under Our School à Staff à Alison Layman.  These breaths are a great resource that can also be used at home!



P.A.W.S- As part of our School Family model we use the acronym P.A.W.S as a part of our school wide behavior system. 

P: practice respect
A: activate independent thinking
W: work cooperatively
S:  show commitment

Throughout the 2018-19 school year, we created videos for each of these character traits.  These videos can be found on our website under For Families à Videos  They are a great resource for behavior expectations here at school. At home, you can name and notice when your child is practicing respect, activating their independent thinking, working cooperatively, and showing commitment!

Explore It!- Ways to be Helpful

AVE is exploring the School Family Structure: Ways to be Helpful.  Ms. Barb has worked with each class to identify helpfulness and our staff is on-boarding the language of helpfulness. 


Here is the formula if you would like to use this language at home:

“You ______ (describe what the child did), so _______ (how it helped others).  That was _____ (kind, helpful, caring)!”


The purpose of this specific language is to provide children with images of helpful and safe actions.  Children 12 years and younger have brains that learn primarily from positive feedback.

Family and Friends Board

The purpose of our Family and Friends Board is to create a like between home family and school family.  Please either send in a picture or email alayman@durangoschools.org a picture of your family to add to our board. 

One of our goals is to create a positive school climate that supports all children and staff.